Focus - To continuously improve human health and quality of life, to achieve sustainable development, we will focus on differentiating products and services to promote our core competitive advantage;


          Innovation - Innovation is the anchor of our success, to meet market and customer needs, we are committed to continuing to assimilate and integrate our core business of the latest research results, and make it in the shortest possible time achieve its commercialization, thereby maintaining and enhancing our core competitiveness.


          Resources - Always rely on the favorable geographical advantages, the effective use of various natural resources in order to obtain quality, service and cost leadership grants the company absolute leverage on the competition.


          Capital - Efficient use of capital advantage, and efficient operation of the core business of investment and financing for high-growth, high return on investment.


          Talent - Continue to nurture, develop and introduce management with a global vision and cutting-edge technology development personnel and enhance the core competitive advantage as the foundation to achieve the company's strategic goals.